Questo è un abito realizzato e fotografato da Tutti i diritti riservati. La copia o riproduzione di questa immagine è strettamente proibita.
  • A-Line/Principessa Tondo Al ginocchio Chiffona Pizzo Abito da cocktail con Increspature

    € 119.00

  • A-Line/Principessa Spalle scoperte Al ginocchio Chiffona Abito da cocktail con Perline Pieghettato

    € 108.00

  • A-Line/Principessa Spalle scoperte Lunghezza tè Chiffona Pizzo Abito da cocktail con Perline Lustrini

    € 113.00

  • A-Line/Principessa Tondo Al ginocchio Chiffona Pizzo Abito da cocktail con Increspature

    € 106.00

  • A-Line/Principessa Tondo Al ginocchio Chiffona Abito da cocktail con Increspature

    € 86.00

  • A-Line/Principessa Innamorato Al ginocchio Chiffona Abito da cocktail con Pieghettato

    € 80.00

A-Line/Principessa Scollatura a V Lunghezza tè Chiffona Pizzo Abito da cocktail #174145

Abiti da cocktail

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* Spedizione standard: 3-8 giorni
* Spedizione rapida: 2-6 giorni
* Spedizione standard: 3-8 giorni
* Spedizione super economica: 10-30 giorni

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.

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Codice Prodotto #174145 Taglio A-Line
Scollatura Scollatura a V Lunghezza Lunghezza tè
Tessuto Chiffona, Pizzo Manica Maniche corte
Stile del dorso Zip Completamente foderato No
Reggiseno Incorporato Rivestimenti rigidi
Colore Mostrato Crepuscolo Misura Generale, Taglie forti
Misura Vestito del Modello US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32 Informazioni Modello Altezza:5.7ft Seno:33in Vita:24in Fianchi:34in
Note Il colore che scegli è solo per la parte inferiore del vestito.
L'abito scelto non include alcun accessorio tra quelli mostrati, quali coprispalle, guanti, veli, borsette, ecc.. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per ordinare eventuali accessori fuori catalogo separatamente.
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4.8 (basata su 34 Recensioni)
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Fantastic dress! It is made beautifully, we often make clothes ourselves, so we recognise quality when we see it. We would-be highly recommend JJs House!


I am so impress with the workmanship of this dress. I ordered a custom size and it was made and delivered within 2 weeks. JJ House used quality fabrics and the fit was perfect. The zipper can be a little difficult at the point where the lace and skirt meets, but it just needs to be aligned properly and will easily glide with no fabric being caught.

I highly recommend ordering swatches to verify color. I did and the color matched exactly as the swatch. I however decided that this was not the exact silver color I was looking for so I am ordering this dress again in a different color.

I'm not even hesitating about this decision because of the affordability of this dress.


I received it today. It’s really nice and it’s going to be my wedding dress. My second wedding and I’m in my 50s, I like how the top is white but not all of it. It comes in so many colors I was able to pick my favorite. And the color I chose is the one shown I think and it’s called Tahiti which is where we went the day after he proposed.
When I got it, I was surprised to see there are little crystals on the white lacy area then drips down onto the skirt I didn’t notice that in the picture and that’s extra bling and also gives it a Wintery feel since I’m getting married in December.
The only problem that I didn’t take good measurements befor ordering and I got it to small. The chart is accurate. I hope they have a good exchange policy and I don’t have too much trouble. If so, then everything is great.
Here’s a picture of me in it. But keep in mind that isn’t zipped all the way up so it’s a little floppy on top. Looks pretty though.


Order this dress for my son Holy communion. It was so well made and lovely to wear.


I ordered through a different company in China and it was a disaster and sent back. Totally wrong size and shabby workmansip. However I saw a dress on JJ House's website for my son's wedding and desperately wanted it, so I had an online chat with a very helpful man called Bruce who assured me of their high standards for quality. I decided to order it albeit very sceptical!!
However it arrived today and it fits perfectly and is indeed of very high quality.
Strangely enough, I saw the same dress in a UK dress magazine before it arrived priced at £240....I paid £104.00 inc shipping.
Big thumbs up to JJ House and I WILL be using you again.


I have been wary of buying any clothing online and couldn’t find anything suitable in stores for a wedding in Australia.
However I did take a chance with JJs as the dresses looked
so beautiful on their website. I followed the measurement instructions precisely and took time choosing the correct colour for me. I was adsolutley delighted when my order arrived on time. It was exactly as it appeared in the photo, also to my delight it fitted me perfectly. The quality and workmanship was excellent. My partner was very impressed also, needless to say we had a wonderful night at the wedding. Thank you JJs

Loved my dress!! Daughter got married had a beautiful barn wedding!! I got soo many compliments all day!! Only complaint a little tight at mid section!! Wish it had a little give!!

I have written a review previous but still have had no satisfaction from this company I told you about the back of the dress being Miss measured by 8inchs and I asked if you would kindly send me material for a new back . I am prepared to pay for alteration myself or I will accept your last offer of 40% discount I look forward to it being transferred to my account if the other transaction is not feesably Also if I payed you postage why on gods earth was I charged £107 to receive my parcel I am sorry I will not be ordering anything else from your workshops if dresses aren't made to my own specification
Yours sincerely
M Calder

I purchased this dress for my daughters wedding which was just last Saturday
I had to chat with someone and they were so very helpful. The dress came in less time than was expected and fit absolutely perfect.
I received endless compliments on my dress the entire day, on how beautiful it was. I ordered the color- Tahiti as my daughters colors for her wedding were red and purple.
I highly recommend jjhouse immensely

Fidèle à la photo, cette robe est vraiment magnifique, les mensurations données ont bien été respectées, je suis ravie ☺. Des strass sont cousus sur la dentelle côté jupe, on ne les voit pas sur la photo. Pour ma part, je ne suis pas fan, ca retire facilement, alors tout va bien. C'est vraiment une jolie robe pour le mariage de ma fille